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Welcome to Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society

Advancing and improving the neurosurgical practice in arab world is the main aim of all arab neurosurgeons, this congress is an important event promoting the progress and development of clinical practice and scientific research for the highest welfare of our patients and society.

 Dr.Yousef Al-Awadi

    Dear Friends & colleagues

On behalf of the Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society, It is my great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 10th Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society Congress of which will be held on December 4-7, 2014, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Our International and Pan Arab Scientific Faculty will create a stimulating scientific program that is rewarding to all participants.


             Our Theme

“The Evolution of Neurosurgery in the Arab countries”.



Prof. Amr El Shawarby

   President of congress

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